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JUNE 5, 2019


This memo is to help clarify Waco's longstanding policy concerning metro area scaffold/shoring delivery and pick-ups. Because of the quantity and weight of the pieces of scaffold or shoring equipment our customers often rent from Waco. It is sometimes unreasonable for our driver, alone, to load or unload the equipment without the help of the customer. Since it is both the driver and the customer’s responsibility to differentiate and to verify the counts on the equipment against the paperwork, we feel this is best done as a team effort.

All our delivery and pick-up charges include one (1) hour for loading/unloading of the equipment. Any time beyond this initial hour will be billed in one (1) hour increments at the rate of $50.00 per hour.


Our deliveries are "tail-gate" deliveries (i.e. our drivers will take the equipment to the rear of our truck and hand it down to the customer who receives it, stages it and ultimately takes it to the needed location for usage). We are not responsible to help the customer move the equipment to its destination at the job site.

Waco's driver policy does not allow our drivers to leave equipment at a job site without a customer's signature unless we receive explicit instructions to do so. If this happens the customer accepts responsibility for the equipment and the counts as shown on the delivery ticket. If no one can be found within 15 minutes of our arrival on the job site and we cannot contact anyone from the customer's office we will not leave the equipment, but the delivery charge will be billed to the customer for this attempted delivery.


Our pickup procedures follow the same logic as our deliveries. We need to have the equipment staged in an area and logically stacked so our truck can back up to it for loading with the customer's help. When our customer signs the pick-up ticket we want him/her to verify our counts of the equipment being returned.

If we arrive at a job site for a pick up and we are unable to locate the customer, but the equipment is easily accessible to our driver and truck and not a lot of material is involved, then we will make the pick-up and our standard pick up charge will apply unless the load time exceeds one hour. If the delivery/pick up consists of more than 100 pieces or the total weight exceeds 1,000 pounds, the customer's help will be required. The customers help will also be required if the order includes any pieces that exceed 75 pounds each or the piece(s) are 20 feet or longer.


If the equipment being returned is too large or too heavy for one person to safely load and the customer cannot be located on site and we don't hear back within our 15 minute time frame after arriving on site, then we will leave the job without the equipment. The pick-up charge will still apply and the rent will continue until we can coordinate with the customer on receiving help on site to load the returning equipment. If the customer tells us they cannot furnish anyone to help then we will send out a second person with the driver at an additional charge of $50.00 per hour, portal to portal, to assist our driver in picking up the load and a second pick up charge will apply. The rent will continue until this second pick up attempt is made, and the customer will be responsible for any damaged or missing items during this period.

If you have any questions, please contact our office. Thank you.

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