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The terms and conditions of Waco's standard lease agreement and credit terms are incorporated into this agreement and made a part hereof. See attachment B.

This proposal is expressly limited to the terms and conditions contained herein. By submitting a purchase order, notice to proceed or a subcontract, the contractor accepts all the terms and conditions of this proposal and expressly waives any terms and conditions other than those contained herein. This agreement may be amended only by written agreement countersigned by an officer or authorized agent of Waco.


Unless noted otherwise in the pricing or scope of work, labor pricing is based on Waco providing the labor for both the erection and dismantling of the equipment as defined in the scope of work and assumes this labor will be performed during regular business hours Monday through Friday.


If you elect to have Waco erect this equipment, the delivery is quoted as FOB the job site and if Waco also dismantles the equipment, the return freight costs will be absorbed.


The design of equipment quoted in this proposal has been based on information gathered from drawings or information you have furnished to us and any requests for additional equipment or labor beyond that listed in the scope of work will only be accomplished under a change order. Please carefully review the Scope of Work for any items you see that would not comply with your current requirements.


The contractor shall be responsible for providing OSHA compliant access to the worksite. Waco will operate in compliance with current written OSHA safety guidelines and the contractor will notify Waco, in writing, if any of their own safety policies or any project specific safety policies require a stricter standard than those standards set forth by OSHA prior to any work being performed. Unless stated in the Scope of Work or the Fee Schedule, a change order will be required to accommodate the stricter guidelines.



All change orders must be made in writing and accepted by both parties. Any work not covered in the scope of work will not begin unless a signed change order has been received and countersigned by an officer or authorized agent of Waco.



The obtaining of any project specific licenses, permits, etc. will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.


The contractor agrees that Waco Shall not be liable for any consequential damages resulting from the use of the equipment leased or sold herein or any failure on the part of Waco to perform pursuant to this agreement.



Waco will not be held responsible for changes and/or delays in scheduling due to inclement weather; however, Waco will make every reasonable attempt to make up any time lost due to inclement weather as soon as possible during regular business hours Monday through Friday.


Please provide Waco with as much notice as possible to schedule erection and dismantling work.

       a. Contractor is responsible for insuring that the structural capacity of floor, roof, or other bearing surfaces               will safely support the live and dead loads of the equipment and unless stated in the Scope of Work, the             cost of any modifications to provide this capacity is not included in this proposal.

​       b. Tailgate access areas for loading and unloading equipment will be required at the closest possible                     access point to the erection and dismantle areas and, staging and storing areas for equipment may also             be necessary.

       c. All areas where equipment is to be erected will have to be level and compacted and/or free of all debris             and/or scrap material before the erection of the equipment can be started and the contractor is                           responsible for protecting any surface against damage from the erection/dismantle operations.

       d. Prior to erection and/or dismantle of the equipment, contractor is responsible to contact the appropriate               electric service company to cover, move, or reroute any electric lines that would pose any hazard to the               equipment or anyone on this job site.

        e. During the erection process the area must be kept free of personnel and equipment to avoid any                          possible injuries or damage, and only Waco personnel will be allowed on the equipment until                                completion and acceptance by the contractor.

        f. Upon completion of the erection of the equipment, the contractor or his designated representative will be             requested to inspect the equipment installation and sign the erection completion sign-off sheet stating                 that the equipment was erected in compliance with the scope of work and current OSHA standards. If                 the  contractor declines, for any reason, to take part in the review with Waco’s representative, it will be                 assumed the installation of the equipment is acceptable and in compliance with OSHA regulations to the             contractor.

        g. A physical inventory will be taken by Waco and confirmed and accepted by the contractor at the                          completion of the erection and/or dismantle work. If the contractor declines, for any reason, to take part              in the count with Waco's representative, Waco's count will be deemed correct.

        h. The contractor is responsible for repairing and/or patching any areas where material has unavoidably                  been removed for purposes of tie installation and the tie-in procedure and locations will be agreed upon              before erection of the equipment can begin. Tie-ins are an integral part of the temporary erected                          structure and cannot be removed. A written change order will be required if Waco personnel are                          required to replace any removed tie-ins.

        i. Any alteration of the equipment after final inspection and acceptance by the contractor will be the sole                 responsibility of the contractor. The contractor will indemnify and hold Waco harmless from any damage,             loss, liability or claim resulting from the removal or alteration of equipment after the final erection and                   acceptance by the contractor. This would include, but is not limited to, the removal of cross braces, tie-               ins, guard rails, plank or any other part of the equipment.

        j. Daily and long-term job site maintenance of any leased Waco equipment will be sole responsibility of                  the contractor unless stated otherwise in the Scope of Work.

        k. Before dismantling can begin, all excess material such as wire, masking tape, plaster, mortar, drywall,                 etc. must be removed from the planked surface. A cleaning charge at the prevailing rate per man-hour               for the required cleaning time will apply if Waco is to perform this service and this service would be                     accomplished under a change order.

         l. The contractor hereby covenants and agrees with Waco that the contractor, its agents, servants,                          subcontractors and employees will comply with the rules and regulations for the safe use of the                            equipment as formulated by OSHA and outlined in the terms and conditions of the standard Waco lease              agreement. Contractor is responsible for providing their employees with the correct OSHA specified                    harnesses and lifelines while using this equipment. The contractor further agrees to indemnify Waco for              any liability from an injury caused by a failure of the contractor, its agents, servant's subcontractors or                  employees to comply with the above rules and regulations.


It is the contractor's responsibility to provide for the security of the equipment while it is on the jobsite and the contractor will be responsible for any missing or damaged beyond repair equipment. Missing or beyond repair equipment will be invoiced to the contractor at the current sale price and labor repair charges will be invoiced for the repair of damaged equipment that is repairable based on our current hourly rates.


Rental and Labor invoice terms are NET 30 days. Finance charges of 18% APR will be assessed on unpaid invoices over 30 days old.

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